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Baby Sleep

If you are struggling with your baby’s sleep and want your questions answered, or just want to learn more about your little ones sleep and how this develops during the first year, this session is the perfect place to start. 


We collaborate with a number of Sleep Coaches to bring you one hour Infant Sleep Workshops across a range of South West London and Surrey locations. 


Our workshops focus on exploring techniques to form good sleep habits, and will equip you with practical advice and strategies for getting as much sleep as possible.


We will talk about

  • What to expect from your baby’s sleep - including the biological sleep needs of babies and sleep cycles

  • Foundations that promote healthy sleep, and strategies for improving your baby’s sleep 

  • Baby Sleep Regressions - what to expect and tips for surviving  

  • Establishing a routine and recognising your baby’s sleep cues

  • Sleep environments and gentle settling techniques 

  • SIDS and Sleep Safety 

This is an interactive workshop that will be tailored to answer your questions.


When to join us

This workshop is ideal for parents looking for some guidance when it comes to navigating the beginnings of their little one’s sleep journey. We recommend attending this session once your baby is around four months old - at this age, babies are typically old enough to learn to self soothe.

​Our sessions are interactive, yet relaxed, and babies are welcome to join you (most parents attend with their little ones in tow!)

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