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So you can get some sleep too!

Baby Sleep Workshops

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Learn more about your baby's sleep...

Led by local Sleep Coaches, our Baby Sleep Workshops focus on giving you the skills and knowledge you need to make sure all the family get the sleep they need. This is an interactive workshop with plenty of time for your questions. 


We will talk about

- What to expect from your baby’s sleep during the first year

- Sleep regressions - when and why they happen, what to expect and how to get through them

- Awake windows during the first year

- An introduction to settling methods 

- SIDS and sleep safety 


When to join us

Any time during your baby’s first year, although we’d recommend using self settling sleep coaching methods with babies over 4 months.

Our Workshops

  • Kingston - Monday 21 October, 11.00

    Join us
    12 British pounds
  • Balham - Tuesday 12 November, 11.30

    Join us
    12 British pounds
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