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Physical Development & Movement

Physical development begins as newborns, and there are a number of skills babies develop in their first 18 months - from tummy time and head control, to transitional movements such as rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking. Babies develop these skills at different rates, therefore, knowing what time frames for development are typical can help you help your little one develop these skills, and know when to seek extra advice or reassurance.  


We collaborate with Paediatric Physiotherapists to bring you one hour workshops exploring physical development and movement milestones including tummy time, rolling, crawling, and walking, and providing guidance on how to support your baby’s development and common orthopaedic conditions to be aware of.


We will talk about

  • Gross motor developmental milestones and the sequence of development

  • Common infant orthopaedic conditions including (such as torticollis and plagiocephaly); how to spot these, tips for management, and when to seek help

  • Common causes for delay in development

  • Tips and tricks on how to help support your babies development

  • Ideas for setting up a supportive environment at home for baby to explore and thrive in

  • Time for discussion and Q&A

When to join us

This workshop is ideal for parents with babies aged 0-18 months who want to gain an in depth knowledge of gross motor development.

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