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Return to Work

Returning to work can often be daunting after a period of parental leave. While many women relish this return and welcome the variety it brings to family life, it can also be overwhelming and a real struggle to make it work. 

 Having a "return to work plan" in place that is right for you and your family can make a huge difference in how positive your return to work experience is. 


We will talk about

  • The transition from employee to mum - reflecting back on your experiences of leaving for maternity

  • What lies ahead - what do you what from working life as a mum

  • The realities of being a working mum (I.e. logistics, sick days, mum guilt)

  • How you can turn leave into leadership 

  • Continuing to build your community 


When to join us

Join us ahead of returning to work after maternity leave. We will be creating a safe space for you to talk about your experiences and your hopes and fears. There are many worries you might have when going back to work - you are not alone in this journey!

Join us this Autumn

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