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Nourishing the New You

Pregnancy and childbirth can often lead to nutrient depletion. During pregnancy your body prioritises your baby's health, and motherhood continues put huge mental and physical remands on your body which in turn can leave you feeling tired overwhelmed and undernourished.


It is therefore crucial to continue to care for yourself postnatally, and consume nourishing foods to replenish the nutrients lost, thereby supporting postpartum recovery. A well-nourished mother can shake brain fog, restore energy, reduce stress, and balance hormones.


We collaborate with a number of Nutritionists to bring you one hour Postpartum Nutrition workshops, to talk about how you can replenish your body and regain on your motherhood journey. 


We will talk about:

Replenishing after Pregnancy & Birth 

  • Understanding the postpartum body and Nutrition's role in recovery 

  • Essential nutrients for postpartum recovery - foods to help repair your body after childbirth 

  • Simple, Nutrient-Rich Meal Ideas

Nourishment for Your New Normal 

  • Adapting to New Dietary Needs

  • Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Involving Family/Support Network in Nutrition

Everyday Wellness as a mum

  • Maintaining blood sugar balance & energy

  • Self-care & wellness practices (inc. lifestyle changes for improved sleep & managing stress)


When to join us

Our workshop is perfect for new mums wanting tips and advice on how to aid physical and mental recovery through diet and nutrition.  This workshop is also ideal for expectant mums looking ahead on their journey.


Our sessions are interactive, yet relaxed, and babies are welcome to join you (most parents attend with their little ones in tow!)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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