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There is so much focus and emphasis on welcoming a new little baby into the world, that it is often forgotten that there is a whole other life that has been born – that of a mother! 


Matrescence is the time of mother-becoming - an intense transitional space during which a woman becomes a mother.  


We collaborate with Kendra Blake, specialist Mental Health Occupational Therapist and Mama Rising Matrescence Coach, to run one hour workshops to help guide you in honouring the motherhood identity shift, so you can reconnect with yourself, and cultivate fulfilment in the motherhood journey. 

We will explore:

  • What matrescence is

  • The areas in a mother's life that typically change

  • Proven steps to help navigate the changes that occur through motherhood. 


We will also share a six step process to help guide mama's in honouring the motherhood identity shift so that they can reconnect to themselves and their intuition and cultivate fulfilment in their motherhood journey.


When to join us

Our workshop is perfect for new mums wanting to reflect on the experience of becoming a mother.  This workshop is also ideal for expectant mums ahead of entering the motherhood journey. 


Our sessions are interactive, yet relaxed, and babies are welcome to join you (most parents attend with their little ones in tow!)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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