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Baby Speech & Language Development

Communication starts in the very early days of your baby's life, and there are a number of stages through which they will pass as they first develop their speech and language skills - from communicating their needs through crying, to babbling and making sounds, and later using words.

Babies develop their speech and understanding of language at different rates. Knowing what is typical can help you help your little one when learning to talk.

We collaborate with Speech and Language Therapists to bring you one hour workshops to help you understand how communication develops, the different skills involved, and the order in which they develop.  ​

We will talk about

  • Language and communication development and milestones 

  • Getting yourself and your little one ready to learn first words

  • Tips and activities to help you and your little one on the learning journey

When to join us

This workshop is ideal for parents who are looking for some guidance when it comes to navigating the beginning (the first 18 months) of their little one’s language journey. 

Our sessions are interactive, yet relaxed, and babies are welcome to join you (most parents attend with their little ones in tow!)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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