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Antenatal Courses




Katie is a local midwife. She is passionate about continuity of care. You will find her running antenatal clinics, doing postnatal home visits and working on the delivery suites. She's excited to run antenatal classes, and help ensure that families have enough information to inform their choices throughout their pregnancy journey.




Pip is a local practicing midwife who has worked in all areas within the Maternity Unit and currently works on Delivery Suite and Triage. Pips' passion is to empower women through knowledge and information, to achieve the best choices for their own personal journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.



Lactation Consultant & Midwife

Lucy is a mum of 3, an experienced midwife and has recently graduated with a degree as a breastfeeding counsellor. Her mission is to empower and support women to make the birth choices that are right for them, their partners and their babies.



Lactation Consultant & Midwife

Sophie is a mum of two, a practicing midwife and a reflexologist. She has experience working on the maternity wards, as well as within the community, and has supported many women and their families throughout pregnancy and birth.

Her passion lies in advocating for women, empowering them to make the right choices for an informed and positive journey into parenthood.



Dani is a local community midwife. She loves getting to know couples throughout pregnancy and meeting their new bundle at the end. She is also a newborn care specialist, with experience in newborn sleep and feeding, and is really looking forward to running Baby Talk antenatal classes for you!




Sleep Coach

Kate's baby sleep journey started whilst seeking out help for her own baby five years ago - so she knows all too well the power of a good nights sleep! Kate now works with families supporting parent/carers to transform their children's sleep using gentle strategies in a non-judgmental and client centered framework.

Lydia Sleep.jpg


Sleep Coach

Lydia is a baby and child sleep coach. It is her belief and understanding that sound sleep is the root of well-being and positive energy for both infant and parent. Through a gentle approach and daily support it is her aim to not only get your little one into a solid sleep pattern and rhythm, but to also help take away the anxiety you have around sleep. She is passionate about guiding and supporting you to achieve peaceful, restorative sleep for your little one through a collaborative process. 

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Baby First Aid Instructor 

Jayne is a mum of 2...nearly 3 and has over 15 years worth of first aid experience. She has dealt with a number of first aid situations and having children has reaffirmed just how important these skills are. First Aid can be a daunting subject so she likes to impart her knowledge in fun and interactive ways. She knows first hand that when you hold your little ones you understand how precious life is and knowing if something should happen you would have those important skills is priceless!