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Welcome to our Club

We host our Battersea events at The Duke of Cambridge - a family friendly pub committed to supporting the local community (with a great brunch menu just for us!).

You are not alone on your parenting journey...

​Join us in Battersea for our brunch/lunch events (with entertainment and goody's for both you and your little one), ask your questions to local professionals at our series of workshops, and meet new friends through our network of local parents.


Join us for Baby Brunch

Tuesday 30 April, 10.30-12.30

The Duke of Cambridge, Battersea

Battersea Baby Talk

Baby Talk Workshops cover a variety of topics, from baby sleep to infant first aid, delving into areas that often get forgotten about (such as the fifth trimester - let us tell you more). 

We run our sessions as drop ins across a range of South West London locations (not just Battersea!), so you can pick and mix what you would like to join us for.

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