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Baby Brunch

Becoming a parent can be a strange journey… once the visitors have gone life returns to a new normal - sleep deprivation kicks in, and you have to adjust to shifted priorities and an ever changing schedule. 


A strong support network is so important during these times, but it can often seem hard to find. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and segregated - even if you already have a network in the local area, you won’t necessarily be connected to a group of people who can support you through these new life changes.

So where do you start? 

Join us for brunch...

Each month we will be bringing parents together in a SW London/Surrey location… you don't have to like coffee, or tea in fact, but you should want to widen your network and meet new friends. 

...and Conversation 

Our events will provide you with a space to connect with other new parents and share the highs and lows (and all that in-between) of parenting.


Because Wellbeing Matters!

Without doubt, life with a baby can be tough - the sleep regressions, growth spurts and development milestones - you might feel like your every waking hour is spent caring for your baby. As a new parent you have responsibility for the welfare of your new baby but who looks after you?


We bring a select group of wellbeing experts to our events to talk about a range of matters - from postnatal fitness to pelvic health, to relationships and Matrescence. Check out our individual events to see who will be joining us...

Join us


Who joins our events?


Our events are not just for mums…

Dads, grandparents and carers also attend with their little ones, as do expectant parents.


Little people of all ages join us

Babies, toddlers and siblings - we ask for their age in advance of the event to ensure that we are able to provide the right information and catering so everyone enjoys their time with us. 


We invite a range of experts to our events 

Who provide an insight into and support on a range of wellbeing topics. Take a look at each event to see who is joining us. 

Our events are relaxed...

  • Running late? Don’t worry, you can join us after nap time

  • We will introduce you to others if you are arriving alone

  • Conversation is driven by you - no sales pitches or formal presentations - most of our experts are parents too and are here for the coffee and conversation just as much as you are!


Do people really join by themselves? 

Yes! We encourage you to come alone to meet new friends, as well as joining us as a group. We ask if you know anyone else joining ahead of the event so we cado our best to ensure that those coming alone are able to meet others. 

Have a question about our events?

Reach out to us at

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