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Our journey began in 2020, when becoming a parent was anything other than what we expected.

Many mothers were spending early labour without their partners, and fathers were being separated from their newborn babies a few hours after birth. Breastfeeding support was virtual (challenging at the best of times), and our little ones were meeting family members at arms length, no one allowed to hold them or the mother. This was tough.

Becoming a parent is tough

There is so much focus on "the perfect" birth, encouragement to get as far as you can with no pain relief, and to shy away from the fact that most people aren't going to be able to "breath a baby out". We're not saying that birth can't be beautiful, and we're not saying that certain methods aren't absolutely fabulous techniques to be armed with during labour. But it is clear from our own experiences, and many others around us, that birth is probably not going to be what you expect it to be, even if you've done it all before!

We therefore set out to create a course that we felt represented modern midwifery, and the truth about what is it to be a birthing person, and their partner. And we didn't stop there. Why attend a course that ends before your journey even begins? We kept going and produced content into the early months postpartum, to ensure that those on our courses continued to have support available to them...

Being a parent is tough

The modern world no longer provides a village, and families are often on their own when looking for a network of support. It can be isolating as a new parent, and this became even more apparent during pandemic. 

We believe in the power of shared experiences, and from May 2021 we started bringing parents together (along with their little ones) in a relaxed and non-judgemental space (aka the pub), to talk about all things baby - from baby poop to breastfeeding, to infant sleep (or lack of) to weaning. It's all here, and if it isn't we'll bring it.

So as well as a community to meet others locally (just us for brunch!), you will always have access to a village of recommended professional support should you need it!

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