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Postpartum Plan is an online resource for soon-to-be and new parents to support you through your Fourth Trimester and beyond.  We bring you exclusive access to a team of professional experts that we believe all postpartum parents should have access to; physio, doula, nutritionist, breath-work, yoga, pilates, emotional health therapist, GP and more. From mindset to movement, recovery to nutrition; it is all here. 


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The first private stem cell storage company in the UK, Smart Cells has been preserving and storing umbilical cord stem cells for more than twenty years. Smart Cells has successfully released more samples worldwide for treatment of life-threatening illnesses than any other private company in the UK. Now part of FamiCord Group, Europe’s largest stem cell bank, we bring expertise from more than 20 countries.


Click here to find out more about Smart Cells ahead of attending our show


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